There is a sweet way to host your web application

No, not everyone is on Webflow, Wix and Shopify.

There is a good reason some people want to have control over their data and files, which is why Infomoniak, gandi, 1and1, VTX and many other shops are known for hosting files on the internet. They are great if you are looking for a simple, straightforward solution. Still, as your digital maturity evolves, you might hear from your developers or agency that the host constrains him.

What does it mean? Is there a solution?

Shared hosting was popular in the down of the internet as people looked for solutions to host their corporate site, blogs and eCommerce without the hassle of hiring a sys admin, which would secure your server (most often a Linux distribution).

For some of you who remember, managing a server for non-techies is a tedious process, open to risks if you’re not a professional and, most notably, adding more significant cyber-security threats.

With the evolution of CMS and WordPress being one of the platforms that took the world by storm, the need for more complex scenarios regarding e-commerce, booking, listing, and many more use cases pushed some companies like Digital Ocean or Vultr to rise. They introduced VPS (Virtual Private Servers) to compete with other giants in the arena, such as Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Engine.

Platforms as a service such as Digital Ocean were bringing back that feeling of control in a clustered way as you could run your server through terminal lines, but with the support of tutorials and a community behind to help you tweak your configuration.

If you are a startup, significant, your CTO would prefer having such a granular control with Kubernetes and all that fun stuff.

But this is still very technical, costly and far from the worry-free setup we had with shared hosting.

Why should you care in the long run?

If you are one of the company owners or even an agency serving customers with apps and websites, you want to be sure that the solution you’re providing is future-proof.

For proofs-of-concept, it is excellent to use Webflow or Shopify as another approach to test the ground. As soon you see sales coming up, ask yourself if you have the proper setup from a data ownership perspective. A shop working nicely on Shopify for 2-3 years could need a complex set-up, a personalised experience for your user, or simply a subscription mechanism like we have on Well, doing it with a closed platform has its perks in terms of security and speed, but in terms of the cost of customisation, you might be there for a hefty price.

What if the general terms change from your provider? What if you have to pay more per month to keep your business floating?

Introducing the managed services for VPS cloud hosting

At Pupsic, we believe you must focus on your core business, letting us, as a trusted partner, run the background tasks. To do that, we have selected through our partner Kainjoo the platform Cloudways, a layer on top of VPS cloud hosting such as Digital Ocean, Vultr, AWS, and GCE.

Cloudways removes the issue of managing the server regularly as they provide the necessary security layers at the server level. Additionally, all your server features such as analytics, speed and caching could be tweaked to your specifications.

What we love about this is the scalability. You could use our recommended setting for Woocommerce and be on your way or do a complex setup for your mobile or web applications. Do you need volume and speed? We got you with AWS or GCE part of the mix if you decide to change from your existing server to theirs.

Even more recently, with the addition of Cloudflare, the capability to properly manage a brand online with Cloudways truly changed the pace of how we could now focus on our clients’ core businesses.

Hence why we like it: Pupsic can bring you back control over your application through a managed service for your hosting, as we will set up your application in a VPS of your choice. You don’t have the problem of shared hosting, meaning no more restrictions, but you also avoid the complexity of platforms such as AWS or Google Cloud.

Are you ready to bring some sugar to your hosting setup?

As a silver partner of Cloudways, we are happy to provide you with a unique start offering if you decide to switch over. Pupsic will provide you with your entire server stacks’ migration and setup fees using our affiliate link below and a 15% discount if you are a new customer.

This limited offer is only available till the end of September.

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