Grohe trusts Pupsic for their RevOps activities

After a pitch in December, Grohe, a real estate promoter in Switzerland, is using Pupsic expertise to scale its digital footprint.

A newly revamped website

Based on our Pupsic web generative platform, Grohe is running a fresh design that features their minimalist and customer-first vision while connecting their products through the Immomig integration.

A new CRM connected to Immomig

By connecting a Real Estate CRM with Hubspot, Grohe is getting the best of both worlds as now all the data is securely protected in one place, which makes it information privacy proofed by design.

A new digital workplace

Along the way, Pupsic is revamping the entire stack of solutions to perform tasks better internally, optimising the customer experience. Using Google Workspace, Google meets and drive, notion and slack, the team is now fully ready to scale their business in 2023.

A new graphic line

Redoing the website is also a wonderful moment to align the visual identity of all the channels, bringing a sense of consistency to the brand.

A new campaign

Last, for their new project in Echandens, Pupsic is launching a programmatic buying campaign on Google and Meta to support the awareness and visibility of the offer in Switzerland.

For Grohe, Pupsic is a trusted partner that makes the business adopt and scale emerging technologies and channels and do it smoothly for the transition to happen quickly and efficiently.

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