Back2School Pupsic Event First Edition

The challenge for Swiss startups and SMEs is to identify the right path for generating visibility, growth and brand equity online in a world where getting these split seconds of attention from your potential buyers is crucial. This is where we make it sweet again; by helping you achieve a business outcome that is measurable […]

Join our Pupsic agency on Upwork

Pupsic is a RevOps and DevOps hub tailored to SMEs and startups. Therefore, the most question we hear from our customers is: what’s different from Upwork? Well, here is the thing! We are on Upwork too. Our agency is there to help and support customers from outside Switzerland, getting access to our process and methodologies […]

Noxelis selects Pupsic for creating their online corporate visibility

St-Sulpice (Switzerland), Odesa (Ukraine): 22.02.2022 – Pupsic, a RevOps agency dedicated to SMEs & Startups in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, is selected by l’écoline for re-inventing their website experience. “Working with startups always brings that unique excitement. We love to partner with bold entrepreneurs fearing nothing but to lose their time, and we love […]

There is a sweet way to host your web application

No, not everyone is on Webflow, Wix and Shopify. There is a good reason some people want to have control over their data and files, which is why Infomoniak, gandi, 1and1, VTX and many other shops are known for hosting files on the internet. They are great if you are looking for a simple, straightforward solution. Still, as your digital maturity evolves, you might hear from your developers or agency that the host constrains him.