Back2School Pupsic Event First Edition

The challenge for Swiss startups and SMEs is to identify the right path for generating visibility, growth and brand equity online in a world where getting these split seconds of attention from your potential buyers is crucial. This is where we make it sweet again; by helping you achieve a business outcome that is measurable and scalable, we at Pupsic are designing a new way for your brand to go from 0 to 1 and scale from there to your infinite success.

Learn from this event:

  • Why going digital isn’t about your channels anymore but truly about the way you’re telling an appealing story to your customer.
  • How to build a new type of relationship using emerging tech and channels as a vehicle for behaviour change, not just as a click destination.
  • What is the recipe for the success of startups and SMEs who already trusted our methodology and benefited from the fruits of a successful RevOps transformation?


  • Haider Alleg, Founder at Kainjoo (animator)
  • Jean-Philippe Kunz, CO-Founder, CEO, Gnubiotics Sciences SA
  • Marion Julia, Founder at L’écoline
  • Sarah Belkheiri, CMO Noxelis
  • Valérie Rey, Fondatrice Rey Immobilier
  • David Tellenne, Expert Immobilierm Moneypark

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