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Pupsic is a leading full-service digital agency based in Morges, Switzerland. We make mobile apps,websites & brands, that people appreciate all around the world.

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We fully understand your business. If you need to update something, we are more than happy to help you with the services we are providing.


Marketing now is so spread you need an army of experts to run a brand properly. While having an internal team is always important, a ported hub with experts working under one roof is easier to scale and maintain. Our staff is constantly trained on the latest trends and will be a turn key solution for any marketing challenges.


Our business analysts will look after your business needs and design the best path forward to craft your technologies stacks. Moreover, our tech-for-equity service will help startups get their product up and running quickly at the best cost.


Our graphical designers are trained to craft unique customer experiences, using brands as a vehicle for changing behaviours. Wherever your audience is, your business will be different and will mark spirits with unforgettable emotions.


Our program managers are the heart of our operations, coordinating complex jobs into one end deliverable. When your team gets bigger and with multiple disciplines, our staff can not only make sure your timing, budget and quality specifications are met, but also continuously optimise your existing solution. They are also in charge of the people management, sourcing the best talents for the job.


After working years for customers, we realised that one aspect is often lacking especially when scaling digital solutions: customer services. By offering you a staff that can be trained on your products and services, your customer can benefit from various support tiers to

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