OM Pharma selects Pupsic for refurbishing their product website

St-Sulpice (Switzerland), Odesa (Ukraine): 10.05.2022 – Pupsic, a RevOps agency dedicated to SMEs & Startups in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, is selected by OM Pharma for re-designing the website of one of their core product.

Digital marketing is more than building a website; it is about building a coherent experience online.” shares Kristina Rychkova, founder and managing director of Pupsic.

OM Pharma is a global pharmaceutical player in the region with strong growth abroad. Pupsic was selected to re-design the Broncho-Vaxom website and re-think the technology and marketing stacks supporting the company’s transformation moving forward to help the Swiss affiliate and act as a pilot project.

african american man using an imac in the office screenshot
Pupsic team member showing the website is now live.

Remaining on WordPress, the introduction of the page builder Elementor facilitates the update of the end users while enabling Pupsic creative teams to fit their design requests. Challenging, as Elementor is known for being hungry in performance, The Pupsic tech team optimised the load by a bright while complex level of caching, from server to applications, supported by a Cloudflare CDN to ensure an extra-safety net.

As a RevOps company, one of the first in Switzerland, our focus is on impacting the business impact of OM Pharma through well-defined landing pages and customer journeys, finished by clear conversion points. Limited by the nature of the product, the website provides clear and helpful information in 2 languages to drive people to the correct info or the right point of sales.

As a cornerstone of the new customer excellence strategy of the company, the micro-site also acts as a data point, with connection to Hubspot and Meta to ensure accuracy in campaign optimisation, and this is aligned with GDPR and Swiss regulations in terms of data privacy but also healthcare code of conduct.

With more than 70% of traffic coming from mobile, the theme’s responsive nature is crucial to ensure a solid engagement and push visitors to practical action for the brand.

“We are delighted with the result as this website sends a clear message and is now a platform to build on,” says Evelyne Filip, Digital Marketing Specialist at OM Pharma. The addition of Hubspot is kick-starting our journey into marketing automation and programmatic buying.

At Pupsic, we thrive on our customers’ success and online experience. We believe in adoption and scalability when it comes to technology choices. Our culture is turned around the performance of brands with a subtle mix between creative design, marketing and tech.

About Pupsic XYZ (formerly Astate)

Pupsic is a leading Swiss agency dedicated to the challenges of startups and SMEs. The company, formerly Astate, has been creating mobile apps, websites and brand experiences that people worldwide love since 2012.

About OM Pharma

OM Pharma is a global Geneva-based biopharmaceutical company. It is a leader in preventing recurrent respiratory and urinary tract infections and is also active in treating vascular diseases. It operates worldwide through a strong network of international partners. It continues to invest in R&D to develop microbial-derived immunotherapeutic products addressing acute and chronic immunological disorders resulting from infections and inflammation. OM Pharma operates to the highest Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards which rely on a high level of Biotech competencies and experienced teams. The company strives to help patients worldwide live better lives by allowing access to better management of immunological imbalances. For more information, please visit

About Broncho-Vaxom®

Broncho-Vaxom® is an extract of different bacterial species to prevent recurrent respiratory infections. It stimulates the immune system and the body’s natural defence against various viral and bacterial respiratory pathogens. In 2010, Broncho-Vaxom® was approved in 65 countries worldwide (for treating adults and children).

For more information, please visit

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