Noxelis selects Pupsic for creating their online corporate visibility

St-Sulpice (Switzerland), Odesa (Ukraine): 22.02.2022 – Pupsic, a RevOps agency dedicated to SMEs & Startups in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, is selected by l’écoline for re-inventing their website experience.

“Working with startups always brings that unique excitement. We love to partner with bold entrepreneurs fearing nothing but to lose their time, and we love to learn on their side.” shares Kristina, the founder at Pupsic.

Noxelis is a new biotech developing new ophtalmology medical devices. For their launch, they needed to exist online and make a first good impression to raise their funds.

A Noxelis team member showcasing their website at launch

For the theme design, a base using Hello from Elementor was selected to help the team quickly integrate a minimal colour palette. Content first, the objective was to focus the attention on messages and remain ready to scale with a design that can live through time.

Running on Hubspot for marketing activities and Cloudways for speed and safety, our recipe for growth is in place. The purpose now of the website is to vehiculate the image of a company ready to accept funding.

A few days were required to build the setup, showcasing how a clean setup could also mean budget efficiency.

“Not a lot of companies can grasp exactly what we wanted to do in an hour-long meeting. We love the get shit done attitude of Pupsic, and it is the type of project that didn’t feel like one.”. This one is marked checked on my to-do”, shares Sarah Belkheiri, CMO at Noxelis.

At Pupsic, we thrive on our customers’ success and online experience. We believe in adoption and scalability when it comes to technology choices. Our culture is turned around the performance of brands with a subtle mix between creative design, marketing and tech.

About Pupsic XYZ (formerly Astate)

Pupsic is a leading Swiss agency dedicated to the challenges of startups and SMEs. The company, formerly Astate, has been creating mobile apps, websites and brand experiences that people worldwide love since 2012.

About Noxelis

Noxelis is a French ophthalmic medical device company dedicated to developing next-generation eye treatments composed of hyaluronic acid and other biopolymers.

For more information about Noxelis, visit their website.

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