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Pupsic is a RevOps and DevOps hub tailored to SMEs and startups. Therefore, the most question we hear from our customers is: what’s different from Upwork?

Well, here is the thing! We are on Upwork too. Our agency is there to help and support customers from outside Switzerland, getting access to our process and methodologies to scale brands. Not only them, but freelancers too are looking to gather around one banner to be stronger and better equipped on projects requiring a bit of a structure.

We also feel our culture is making our freelancers on Upwork somehow proud to be part of our gang. Naturally, our employees are on Upwork if some are on the bench and not affiliated with some projects. We usually like to test new people on such projects.

Why choose Pupsic as your Upwork agency?

We have our staff, plus we know who is legit on the platform after testing it. Our onboarding process makes it faster to scope even complex programs. Moreover, suppose you want that extra control over the fees. In that case, we can use Upwork to facilitate specific languages, for instance, when it comes to campaigns or simply using their platform as a communication tool.

Why choose Pupsic as a freelancer?

Once you’re part of the family, you’re in. We treat you not like a second-class citizen but as an extension of our team. After passing our tests, you will be associated with a project manager who can call you on demand for your skills. If you decide to be a Pupsic member of our agency, we will prioritise your assignments. After a few months, you might even officially receive an offer to hire you in our firm.

Should you use Upwork at all?

Well, it depends on your need. If you have recurrent projects, you might want to avoid paying the extra fees the platform takes every time for its services. If you prefer having an intermediary, as you might have a lot of customers, then it is a pretty neat way to keep all the projects with all your resources under one radar.

What we can share is that this field is a people business. If you want quality, optimised costs and timelines, you’d have to invest in the relationship and having a team who fights for you, whatever the platform to engage with, will make the difference.

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