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Samhart Gallery presents Contemporary Art in all its forms: painting, sculpture, digigraphy, customization, lithographies and screenprints. A choice selection of artworks for all sensibilities and for all budgets. Visit their galleries in Switzerland in Neuchâtel, Gstaad and Villars-sur-Ollon.


Working in the art business isn't easy, especially when you have to build a design that will highlight other ones. Remaining minimalistic in the approach will be crucial to achieving the goal of giving to visitors the willingness to come to the shop-


Inspired by a metro grid, we took the time to keep the visual language intact to differentiate the gallery, using the artwork as a symbolic piece of the puzzle.


A bold and striking design, with a smart execution on Shopify. The execution is helped by a delegation of a team member within the team at the client galery.


Budget with 10% deviation

9 weeks

Planning with a week delay


Quality with 4 incidents

More than colleagues. Friends. We are happy to have reliable partners helping us take our brand online. We can only recommend you test them.

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