Perrelet Facebook Ads

Graphic Design


Since 1777 Perrelet offers exclusive and innovative creations that stand out for the unique style of its Turbine and Double Rotor Technologies.


Going social for a watchmaker is always a challenge. Facing a community with timepieces that embed so much history could be tricky. How might we bring traffic to a Facebook page and to a website without being too intrusive?


The answer is in the stories and the targeting. Thanks to Facebook and Instagram, it was easy to concentrate on audiences that truly match the brand essence, and take them on a journey online to discover even more behind the scenes of the products.


A product campaign, making the watch as the hero and using the data on facebook to generate engagement towards the low level entry range.

258K CHF

Budget for media buy

3 months

Planning 3 months flight

6.5 ROAS

Quality Ads with 8% CTR

Great progress towards going digital and learning on our audience. Well executed and looking forward to more.

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