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The legend tells that it was in the early 2014s that the idea of a world in which the people would regain full power over their throne was born. It was in the Grand-Rue of Morges and by observing the people during the traditional Wednesday market, that they understood that the key to this deliverance lay in the PQ. They wanted to free the population from the clutter of this packet of PQ and to give the consumer in search of a necessity the prestige he deserves. So they established a code which, by its unbreakable nature, commits them to providing you with a top quality fabric. All this in sufficient quantity and with a simple home delivery service.


Selling toilet paper online? No way. How to bring a customer experience that will take people on a story, make them enjoy and still sell an added value proposition?


Once the concept was settled, we worked as a productionion studio to design the platform, and create the subscription engine and billing portal on Woocommerce while activating the social media platforms for generating traffic.


A unique concept sometimes compared to the Nespresso of toilets, we have come up with the unique idea that can disrupt this category. The brand is everything here with a strong value around the quality of the experience.


Budget with 25% shares

3 months

Planning from idea to go-live


Coffees during the process

Building a concept, a story, or a brand requires strong collaboration with the team in front of you. This is the one you need if you want to take your ideas to life.

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