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ArtOfBrands is a marketplace for artists around the world to promote and sell their art that is inspired or linked to a “brand” or a “passion”. The company was founded with the idea of providing affordable art based on people’s passions and love of “brands”. The art on the portal covers a broad spectrum of entities from consumer brands, automobiles, motorcycles, luxury brands to passions such as sport teams, celebrities, music and film.Your love reflected on your wall… ArtOfBrands offers affordable art within many categories: Car, Celebrity, City, Comic, Fashion, Film & TV, Food & Drink, Gaming, Iconic, Kids, Lifestyle, Marine, Marine Life, Miscellaneous, Motorcycle, Music, Plane, Sport, Super-car, Technology, Train, and Watch.


ArtOfBrands sells reproductions as well as the originals of the artworks from our artist network. The company manages all the processes from promoting, and printing to the shipping of the reproductions. ArtOfBrands believes in allowing the artist to get on with what they are best at - being creative - and the rest is taken care of by the company.


Creating an e-commerce platform with an unique customer experience for brands lover to shop online, without taking the place of the existing brands.


A full shop experience delivered from design to prototyping, supporting the founders in guiding their decisions. The arty direction is calling for a community driven project, very emotional and letting place to the art itself to tell the brand story.


Budget after expenses

12 weeks

Planning with 4 epic sprints


Quality with 9 incidents

A big work ahead of the production with the analysis of our needs, guiding us throughout the process of choosing the right solution. Definitely appreciating the great creative effort and the project management to remind us on timelines.

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