L’écoline selects Pupsic to reinvent their parents online experience

St-Sulpice (Switzerland), Odesa (Ukraine): 22.03.2022 – Pupsic, a RevOps agency dedicated to SMEs & Startups in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, is selected by l’écoline for re-inventing their website experience.

“As a parent of the school, I put myself in the shoes of someone who just arrived and wanted to keep a connection with a kid you drop in the morning”, shared Kristina, the founder at Pupsic,

L’écoline, a ten years old school in the heart of St-Sulpice, has trusted Pupsic in merging all the existing platforms into one unified experience, with a new visual language to help structure the digestion of information regularly.

The home page of l’écoline

With a Shopify store, a blogger platform and WordPress corporate site, needless to say, the information was spread on many media.

The first step was to design a unified experience with one single source of information for parents and employees looking online. Hence, one WordPress multisite application was set up on Cloudways to prepare for a fast and secure stack.

Preparing the migration wasn’t an easy step as more than ten years of data were collected across the years. Blogger was quite painful to run, but nothing is impossible as we think that way. For Shopify, a classical move to Woocommerce with stripe enabled to let the transition be a smooth ride for both users and admins.

For the leading site, now comes the piece de resistance. A new visual language was introduced, with a minimal look connecting with the founder’s vision and brand. Running on a buddy boss theme, the idea was to build through that experience a community using the buddy boss platform. The result is an extranet helping teachers and parents meet to exchange in a secure environment. The chat system included in buddy boss helps keep a corporate link of communication with the entire community of more than 50 users.

As usual, deepl enabled translation to kick-start translation with AI assistance.

As the cheery on the cake, the entire suite of websites (extranet, shop and corporate site) are all connected using Hubspot as the source of truth for marketing automation.

Simple, practical, and ready to scale, the new setup has cut necessary costs while bringing immediate results.

” We love the new look, and the features are now sized properly for the need of our school. It feels that we now have the right setup to grow our business using the Internet as a new lead generation channel and as a communication service with existing customers, ” shares Marion Julia, the founder at L’écoline.

At Pupsic, we thrive on our customers’ success and online experience. We believe in adoption and scalability when it comes to technology choices. Our culture is turned around the performance of brands with a subtle mix between creative design, marketing and tech.

About Pupsic XYZ (formerly Astate)

Pupsic is a leading Swiss agency dedicated to the challenges of startups and SMEs. The company, formerly Astate, has been creating mobile apps, websites and brand experiences that people worldwide love since 2012.

About L’écoline

L’écoline welcomes children from 18 months to 6 years old in its two school sections. L’écoline offers a pedagogy inspired mainly by the Reggio Emilia approach and the forest school movement.

For more information about l’écoline, visit their website.

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