A Venture Studio tailored for your company growth

Pupsic offers the 3H, a hacker, a hipster and a hustler to help you build the next generation of tech products and brands, in a scalable and valuation proofed approach.

Perks of Pupsic Venture Studio

Your team, evolving with A+ players selected for you, your projects and your customers needs.

Thinking Global, Acting Local

All our teams are fluent in English, and selected to work with your existing working language

Performance Driven

We eat what we kill with you, with a performance model indexed on your revenues after 18 months

Truly Scalable

Starting from 3 FTEs at 30% your team can grow with you and your goals


On the front-row of many industries, your resources are trained on future challenges

Transparency & Agility

You are in direct contact with your FTE, adding tasks to project following agile methods

Get-Stuff-Done Culture

All our employees are trained to follow leadership principles of accountability and collaboration

Ready to Get Started?

Organise your company around a flexible model
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